Realising the importance of preserving the environment and the supply of fish has encouraged us to take different steps to make sure that our operations are carried out in a sustainable manner and we have ensured that there is social accountability in our actions. As a result of this long-term commitment we have the right to sell produce certified with international hallmarks:

Friend of the Sea (FOS)

FOS is also a certification of sustainability. It is awarded after an onsite audit carried out by accredited independent certification bodies. The more important criteria to fulfil for the eligibility of the certification include:

  • Target stock must not be overexploited
  • Reduction of discards
  • No impact on seabed
  • Social accountability
  • Compliance with regulations (TAC, NO IUU, etc.)
  • Yearly Carbon Footprint reduction

More information can be found: www.friendofthesea.org

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